When it comes to managing workflow, document-intensive finance departments face complex challenges. 
The volume of paper-based accounts payable documents and reports is continually expanding, making existing workflows too slow and prone to posing a security risk.
Teams are becoming busier and require fast-moving solutions that streamline document capture, storage, management and output, to drive productivity and efficiency while meeting compliance and security requirements.
Key challenges
 - Manual and time-consuming accounts receivable processes need automation to drive efficiencies, enhance productivity and minimise errors
 - Processing paper invoices and other accounts payable documents can be cost and time prohibitive as well as having a negative impact on client and supplier relations
 - To meet regulatory requirements, documents, whether paper or digital,  must be securely stored in one central location for easy accessibility  by authorised personnel only
How S. D. AUTOMATION can help improve your business
Automate your accounts receivable process to deliver workflow efficiencies

Poorly-automated accounts receivable processes can create delays and impact profitability. 
Invoices and letters produced on pre-printed stationery also add costs. 
The print driver included with S.D.’s smart printers and MFPs addresses these challenges enabling the selection of the correct electronic “overlay” template and print job preferences.
Once sent, copies can be filed and indexed electronically for easy retrieval, reducing physical storage and copying costs, boosting productivity and improving cash flow.


Consolidate accounts payable to save time and keep suppliers happy


Many businesses rely on error-prone manual accounts payable processes that can create delays, impacting supplier relations. 
Removing the need for manual input, an integrated document management system with S. D. AUTOMATION smart MFPs scans and indexes paper files making workflow processes more efficient. 
Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology and/or barcode recognition can link supplier invoices in the document management system, making them easy to search for and retrieve.
With the same validity as paper files, digitised electronic documents save time and physical storage costs.


Secure access to confidential documents


S. D. AUTOMATION’s MFPs feature built-in security to protect sensitive information. 
This includes an Encrypted Secure Print function for protected printing and user access authentication to ensure complete document confidentiality, satisfying corporate document governance policies.
Providing access to a document repository directly from S. D. AUTOMATION’s smart MFPs facilitates on-demand printing and ensures employees print the most up-to-date forms, handbooks and other key templates as needed, reducing mass communications and the risk of accessing outdated and invalid documents.


Ensure corporate and social responsibility and drive eco-friendly initiatives


All organisations have a duty to minimise their environmental impact where possible. 
Included in many S. D. AUTOMATION devices, eco-friendly printer applications such as ‘Deep Sleep’ mode and ‘Auto-Power Off' save energy. Using mono and duplex printing as a default option and switching to S. D. AUTOMATION smart solutions can also help to monitor and control consumption thereby reducing running costs.


Your benefits at a glance

  - Improve efficiency and productivity by converting to paperless workflows by scanning and sending documents to multiple locations while improving response times with faster collaboration thanks to centralised and cost effective centralised storage

  - Take control of security, ensure compliance and protect confidential documents

  - Empower your mobile workforce with the capability to print securely from different office and remote locations

  - Monitor and control devices, track usage and save time with automated consumables management, reporting, fault notifications and service alerts


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