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Optimise your print fleet and cut down your cost through smarter print management
Smart Managed Page Services is a comprehensive and flexible service for smaller organisations that allows you to take control of your costs, providing savings across your printing function through managed resources and transparent financial visibility.
Peace of mind with Smart Support
Smart Support is an integral part of Smart Managed Page Services and offers a complete service. Through continuous monitoring, S. D. AUTOMATION and our locally appointed partners can proactively address maintenance issues and ensure your consumables supply is replenished when needed. Not only does this reduce printer downtime but also the amount of money tied up in consumables and the space required to store them.
With Smart Support, consumables are easily managed through an automated monitoring system. The simplicity and transparency of our process means your time is freed up, allowing you to focus on your business.
Benefiting your business
By having the right printer or MFP together with an agreed monthly all inclusive plan for printing and maintenance you will benefit from hassle free printing and complete peace of mind. With Smart Managed Page Services, you can enjoy full financial transparency so there are no hidden surprises, allowing you to budget and control your print costs. 
You no longer need to worry about your consumables ordering or printer maintenance, S. D. AUTOMATION and our locally appointed partners can help take care of this.
How Smart Managed Page Services works
S. D. AUTOMATION will work with you on a continual basis to assess your printing needs. We can analyse your printer usage and recommend the right package to meet your requirements and reduce your printing costs. Whether we replace old devices or maintain existing equipment, S. D. AUTOMATION can facilitate this through a contract based on your specific business print usage.
You can obtain detailed reports on print usage and we can monitor and assess the solution implemented to ensure it continues to meet the needs of your business and deliver the anticipated cost savings.