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Smart Solutions

Capture and Distribution

The digitisation of documents can assist companies who face challenges with limited physical storage space. Converting to paperless workflows with instant electronic access and incorporating automated routing rules can help eliminate wastage whilst saving on time and cost. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) adds further value by converting scanned documents into fully searchable electronic text which can be edited, saved into an archival format or distributed and indexed.

Optical Character Recognition Convert printed documents

FineReader Sprint - Convert documents on your desktop SENDYS Explorer

Capture, convert and distribute documents at no cost

Document and Content Management

Time-consuming, routine manual document processes can be better streamlined through the customisation of automatic workflows. Users are commonly demanding to scan with metadata added directly to a central repository or the Cloud, additionally the access and retrieval of specific information to or from a mobile device or smart MFP must be within a secure and robust environment.

Implementing a ' Document Management System

Security and Output

Programming an MFP with secure access such as PIN or ID Card can prevent the loss of sensitive information which can be costly and a high risk for any organisation. By enforcing output policies, such as pull-printing, print jobs can only be released following a physical action by a user, therefore avoiding unwanted print and limiting wastage.

Protect document confidentiality and prevent printed waste Print Job Accounting

Track and control print and copy usage Template Manager

Create and print business stationery and sales materials Universal Printer Driver

Manage multiple printer devices via one single driver SENDYS Output Manager

The smart way to reduce your printing costs PaperCut

Manage print output while minimising costs

Mobility and BYOD

Today’s mobile workforce is now able to print wirelessly while on the go from any laptop, tablet, or smartphone. This need for on demand access means Smart devices must offer a functionality to print conveniently and securely from a mobile device.

Print wirelessly via a single mobile printing app

Device and Contract Management

A device management tool can provide full visibility of print activity and help manage contracts and agreements more proactively with partners. Efficiencies can be further improved through real-time monitoring of device usage, toner consumption, energy levels and notifications of service and maintenance alerts, all aimed to eliminate down time.

Manage your company-wide office printers at no cost

Monitor devices, service alerts and consumables levels