Frequently Asked Questions

   How do I know whether I should purchase a copier or take it on rent?

You may purchase an equipment if your requirement is permanent and everlasting. You may also purchase an equipment if you can afford to take it maintenance hassles and control the printing cost with your existing resources. Rental schemes would firstly relieve you from the maintenance hassles and at the same time serve the purpose at much lesser cost.

   What benefits shall I derive out of rent schemes?

You can save a lot of money, shift from CAPEX to OPEX model, relieve yourself from the headache of equipment maintenance, control printing and misuse under the vendor's supervision, and make payment from a single monthly with a single window system.

   For how many days can I rent an equipment?

It can be for as many days or years as per your requirement. The contract is renewed annually. You can also hire them on daily basis for events, conferences and seminars.

   How many machines can I rent at a time?

That depends on the size and requirement of your organization. You may take the guidance of our solution analysts, who suggest the right figure to streamline your expenses and yield you the maximum ROI.

   What about the spares, consumables and software installation?

We track and provide everything from time to time. All you need to do is, take care of the machines and refrain them from being misused/ manhandled.

   How do I know which machine will be the most suitable for me?

Once you tell us the exact requirements of your organization, we will make an analysis and come up with a solution, suggesting you the most suitable model and the least number of installations that can streamline your expenses and serve the purpose.

   What would be the pricing like?

The equipment rent depends on the model number and the number of installations. We mostly charge for a minimum commitment, exceeding which, you need to pay per click. There are various schemes offering free clicks too.

   What are your USPs?

We are one of the very few organizations who provide a proper managed printing solution apart from simply renting out equipments. We analyze your requirements thoroughly, create workgroups, set print quota and provide all assistance pertained to hardware and software, so that you can reduce your printing expenses by multiple folds. We also offer buy-back options for old and obsolete existing devices.

   How do I install the machines?

We take care of everything right from delivery, through software and hardware installation, until final dispatch when the contract ends.

   Is this service recognized?

We are an ISO 9001:2008, ISO 27001:2005 and ISO 20000:1-2011 certified organization. Compliance pertains to Quality Management, Information Security Management and Information Technology Service Management System. All our services, including managed printing, which includes rental of copiers, is therefore compliant with the same guidelines. In 2014, we won the DQ Channels "Solution Champ" Awards for managed printing in India.